I am Ismail El Kaddouri

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I created this website as an assignment for the course I1Talent that i follow at HoGent.
As a student applied IT is nice to use what we have learned.

About me

Ismail El Kaddouri
  • Name: Ismail El Kaddouri
  • Date of birth: 12 Dec 1997
  • Address: Kortrijkstraat 422, Wevelgem
  • Nationality: Belg/Marokkaan
  • Driver License: Car
  • Phone: +32473 20 79 24
  • Email: ismail.elkaddouri.y1084@student.hogent.be

Who am I

I am Ismail El Kaddouri on 12 december 1997 I first saw the light of day in Kortrijk. I live in Wevelgem.

I grew up between the technology and computer science this because I spent a lot of time in the firm of my parents. From a young age I was interested in everything to do with IT, I will also be in an excellent environment for that interest to discover and expand it further. This is also my biggest motivation for following this education, after my education I will also be part of the family business where I will take full advantage of all the knowledge that I've gained. I also now spend a lot of time in the firm of my parents where I also some tasks on me please.

In secondary school, it soon became clear that the ' ASO ' was nothing for me, sitting still was a real problem. In the 2nd secondary I pulled to the Provincial Technical Institute Kortrijk. Where I followed Electronics - electricity. I learned everything about electricity and electronics. This went from a simple light circuit to control a home with home automation. Later came the Arduino, we learned to make first simple lineups from A to Z. so first coming up and calculate the setup. After drawing up, soldering, building and programming the Arduino. This was the start of what I was going to make if GIP (integrated test) in the 6th secondary. My realization was a fully domotics system monitoringsystem and with Arduino. In the 5th and 6th secondary I followed a training "business management" at the PCVO (Provincial Centre for adult education), at this institutuon I followed during the 6th secondary process also welding course.

  • Orderly and accurate
  • Enthousiast
  • Accommodating
  • Commercially
  • Immune to stress
  • Responsible


I have created this website as a assignment in the course iTalent. This website is a portfolio of my creations inside as outside of my school carreer.

Innov IT

I made episode 2 and 3.



  • 2016-2019

    Applied Informatics

    Hogeschool Gent

    I'm studying about software technolgies and Network solutions. And i will specify myself in the Network and System engineering part.

  • 2012-2016

    TSO – Elektriciteit-Elektronica

    Provinciaal Technisch Instituut Kortrijk

    I have an education electronics Electricity followed. Where I learned the basics of electricity and a thorough basic knowledge of electronics


  • 2010-heden

    Sales / Technician

    Nell computers

    This is the company of my parents where I learned a lot, and now also have spent a lot of time. Where I'm on projects for customers. I am mainly in for the repairs of the smartphones and tablets.

  • 2015-2016

    Welding courses

    PCVO - Izegem

    Basic principals of welding.

  • 2014-2016

    Business Management

    PCVO - Izegem

    I followed this two-year training, where I received my certificate in business management.

  • 2015

    Shares Project - Bright Beats

    Paphos, Cyprus

    I have participated in a European project which we, as opdract had Comenenius an innovative and ecological idea. We have a portable bluetooth speaker made of residual materials that is charged via small solar cells. For this project we presented also in Paphos, Cyprus on a technology contest. Wherever we were chosen as the winner. Comenius Facebookpage

  • 2015

    Unizo Pakaan - Belgian energy and Environment Award

    Antwerp - Brussels, België

    With our Bright Beats project names we also participated in two national competitions for innovative ideas. At the Pakaan contest of Unizo where we were 2nd. And we were also nominated for the Belgian energy and environmental price

  • 2015

    Basic Security VCA-B

    PVI – Antwerpen Berchem

    Basic safety VCA, VCA safety for supervisors, high risk tasks

See here my realisations

This site is my first real realization of an IT project, and together with the assignment we had for the course "Projects-Workshops I"








Arabic - Berbers










Soft skills




  • 2018

    New York

    Hogeschool Gent

    I have participated in a group travel with HoGent to New York. There we visited selected companies and did several workshops. A short summary


  • 2018

    Pushing The Boundaries

    Tech - Networkevent

    A networkevent with several renewing technology pioneers who promoted their company and their products.A short summary here.

  • 2018

    Breakfast On Campus


    Networkevent for student entrepreneurs where students presented and promoted their company.But also created the opportunity to help and motivate each other. A short summay here.

  • 2017

    E-Commerce EXPO

    XPO Kortrijk

    A bourse with all the new things about E-Commerce and representation of all organizations and businesses. A short summary.

  • 2017



    A company visit with technical explination about the nation tv station.A short summary .

  • 2010-now

    Sales / Technician


    This is the company of my parents where I learned a lot, and now also have spent a lot of time. Where I'm on projects for customers. I am mainly in for the repairs of the smartphones and tablets. A short summary.



  • 2018


    Hogeschool Gent

    Participation in a info session about the new privacy law.

  • 2018

    Pushing the Boundaries

    Hogeschool Gent

    For this event i actively motivated people to participate. All income was donated to charity.

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